Thursday, June 22, 2017

National Pollinators Week June 19-25

It's National Pollinators Week. I signed up for Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. At least I think I did. I didn't get a message that my info reached them.

This is the photo I used in my application to join National Pollinators.

We're in the midst of farmland where many chemicals are used. We use no chemicals except for fireant eradication and it's spot application to only the fireant mounds.


  1. My, my, that 2nd photo is gorgeous!

  2. We are sadly lacking butterflies and honey bees. I see lots of carpenter bees, and various other moths and flying things. We are not near any fields of crops so I am at a loss. Maybe just too much spraying in southern Missouri in general.

  3. What a great catch that second photo was - a bee and a butterfly going about their business in peaceful harmony. It seems as though it'd make a great premise for a children's book!

  4. I love your pollinator photos, and I'm so envious that you have monarch butterflies. (It's been about five years since I last saw one here.) -Jean

  5. I always enjoy when I can catch two pollinators in one photo like that. As a matter of fact, I recently posted something similar!


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