Friday, June 2, 2017

When the Garden Turns Pink

The Garden is never really all of a color but there are bursts, like the daffodils in earliest spring when you think of one color. Right now Pink is a main feature.

This is what we see from our side door, seen best here from near the Mule Barn. Pink Crape Myrtles have been here for the last 70 years, this is a seedling from some of the original trees.

 Echinacea seeds itself all around to the delight of Butterflies and the gardener. The big Spicebush Swallowtail I tried to photograph flew away. Butterflies are not yet plentiful. I wonder about the effect of farm chemicals all around us.

Last year there were white Echinacea here, now replaced by pink seedlings. I planted the Castor Beans that wintered in a pot to compliment them.

Byzantine Emperor Daylilies, actually deemed purple by the Daylily Folk.

Angel Trumpets and Pentas are blooming. They clash beautifully in the daytime but at night the Trumpets open wide and pale and smell incredibly sweet.

Out near the highway, Nicotiana lends sweet perfume at night when nobody's around to smell it. Beautyberry has pale pink blossoms, hardly noticed. In the fall the blooms will turn to beautiful purple fruits.

In the back yard, a lone Althea has deep rosy blossoms. Underneath, plants of silvery leaved Rose Campion have seeded about, scattered by me or birds, I can't remember.

Crape Myrtle

That's a sampling of what's blooming pink in the gardens as the weather gets hotter.

I tend to call plants by both common and Latin names. Where I use common names, the Latin can be found in the labels.


  1. I adore your crape myrtles. I had luck with Pentas in my old garden but they're not nearly as happy here. I'd blamed their poor performance on our long drought but, as they didn't recover after our heavier-than-usual winter rains, I'm now wondering if the problem is too much sun or too much wind. Are yours in partial shade?

  2. Your crepes bloom earlier than mine, although, my Queen crepe is in full bloom right now.

    I love all of your different pinks, very pretty.

    Happy Summer dear Jean. It was good to see a post from you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Yes, pink is a garden favorite here too, especially in the spring. Lots of lovely things there in your garden!

  4. Such a beautiful crape as well as all your other blooms. There isn't even a sign of a bloom on mine yet but I share all your other flowers and just went around the garden the other day snapping all the pinks. Great minds!

  5. Beautiful crape myrtle...unpruned, always better to my way of thinking.

  6. We have 3 Natchez crepes that everyone tells us they bloom prolifically but ours don't. I feel like just cutting them down.

  7. Your garden is very pretty in pink right now!

  8. Love the beautiful pinks. My poor single crape myrtle never gets even close your you number of blooms.

  9. Some great pinks there, witj some fancy names too. Some I'm not familiar with. That Myrtle gives a splendid show.


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