Saturday, October 27, 2018

Plants That Survived a Short Freeze and Look Well

Even when 21º was the expected low, we never got that low. Freezing temps here hover around freezing and do not last long, even though it always seems too long for me.

Some plants that did survive temperatures belowing freezing in my sort of microclimate garden included Graptopetalum paraguaynense and Sedum acre in the header photo above. These make great ground covers for rocky spots.

Brave Daffodils that bloomed a bit early survived. Now their companions are showing buds.

Rose Campion survives cold better than it survives wet. It will stand up again after temperatures warm. Prolong wet means it will need the rotten parts pulled out.

Bath's Pinks and other Dianthus stand cold very well.

Foliage of Lycoris Radiata makes a great wintertime edging, green and pretty despite short hard freezes.

Most broad-leaf evergreens fared well in cold. New growth on Boxwood turns bronze. It will need pruning by spring anyway so I don't worry. Camellias look good. Gardenias still look good. They shed old leaves in spring, so no worries there.

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