Lilies and Daylilies

True lilies from bulbs, daylilies from fleshy roots and flowers from rhizomes and tubers add trumpets of beauty to the garden in late spring through summer.

Catherine Woodbery

Bride Elect

Misnamed, not 'Romatic Rose'

Crinum Lily

Kent's Favorite Two or Superlative, I forget.

Siloam Ury Winniford

Algarve or Elodie, I forget

White LA lily

Algarve or Elodie, I forget

Byzantine Emperor

Seedling, garden name Saddle Oxfords

Milk and Wine Crinum Lily

Little Gypsy Eyes

Regal Lily

Sammy Russell


Pandora's Box

'Lemon Lily' daylily


or is this Dazzle?

Persian Princess, or a similar name. Was a gift.

Seedling. Garden name, Meet My Sister

Brocaded Gown
Brocaded Gown
Old Red daylily

Pale pink daylily misnamed on package

White LA lily

LA lily, I forgot the name.

These are some of the lilies and daylilies in the garden.

 October 30, 2013: Sliced a Regal lily that I cut into with a shovel into 8 pieces, dusted with sulfur and cinnamon and let dry. Placed in a ziplok bag with 2 cups of seedling potting mix and a little less than 2 oz. water. Twelve weeks to bulblets if it works. Planted some Regal lilies along the south edge of the big rock in Upper Garden and some White lily bulbs that I'd dug, at the west end of the long bed that has Pentas and a tall stump piece. 
May 14, 2014: Tucked the above experiment under a greenhouse shelf and forgot it for 6 months. Don't know at what point it failed but there is nothing left of it. If anything sprouted, it died for lack of care.