Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bloom Day, August

I think I'll just post a few tropicals, since it is August.

Pride of Barbados and Esperanza

Curcuma (Hidden Ginger)

Crinum jagus, in bud. They open at night and stay open through the next day. Vanilla fragrance!

Bloom Day is hosted here: May Gardens. Go there to visit all the August Bloom Day Gardens and add yours to the list.

Datura, backed by Melampodium


Tropicals and subtropicals in glorious bloom I didn't post: Heliconia, Porterweed, Pentas, Cannas, Caladiums, Begonias, Shrimp Plant, Bulbine, Mandevilla, Madagascar periwinkle and Lantana. After two years of drought, we've had frequent rain this year. My new camera finally arrived.

Eager to post Bloom Day, I took pics late last evening. Today everything looks even better. If you came from May Dreams, you might want to go here: You Should Have Been Here Tomorrow to see the open Crinum buds and a better view of the Daturas.


  1. Your right, August is the 'tropical' month.
    Great photos of your gorgeous tropicals!

  2. Beautiful! Those blooms look so exotic. That datura is so mysterious: I'm tempted to try one because apparently they can handle our heat/drought.

  3. You have some real tropical beauties there Nell. I bet that crinum that smells like vanilla is wonderful.


  4. Those datura are gorgeous. I planted white this year and was thrilled with the results; next year, I think I'll try a little more color. :-)

  5. Tropicals, you are so lucky to have these. Here in the northeast we don't get these beauties. Yours are very beautiful.

  6. Even the names of tropicals are lovely! Beautiful blooms...I love the gingers...gail

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your own meadow plants. Cheers/Yvonne

  8. love the ginger. When we move back to Florida, I think I'll start collecting ginger. Wonderful post.

  9. looks great! I am envying your ginger, I have some in a pot I haven't quite killed yet. :(

  10. These are flowers that I will probably never grow, so its great to be able to see them on your blog.


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