Thursday, April 18, 2019


Spartacus is blooming again. Here's the same plant from a former year.

and here it is with Appleblossom. Two pots of Appleblossom bloomed this year. It's probably the most prolific and fragrant, too.


  1. Both are pretty but Apple Blossom is my favorite of these two.

    Have a lovely Easter Dear Jean ~ FlowerLady

  2. I agree with Lorraine; ;they are both beautiful but the soft pink really appeals to me. I didn't know any of them were fragrant.

    It was good to see a post from you again.

  3. My grandma grew the classic red amaryllis outside in her garden. Stunners. Milledgeville, GA.

    Yours are GORGEOUS. Grandma would have added to her collection !!

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

  4. They look beautiful. Never heard of a fragrant one, I picked up some bulbs in a plant swap -- color unknown. Planted in the garden and we will see later this year! Hope they look like yours.

  5. So that's the name of that one. I see it a lot here, always unlabeled. Thanks!

    Yours is lovely and looks very healthy. Makes a good display with the blue and white plates, too.

  6. This is one plant I have never grown. Somehow I am afraid of that big bulb. Yours are gorgeous.

    1. I have grown these Amaryllis for about 35 years, they are so addictive. I live in Southern Alberta, Canada (20 miles north of Montana). They are my winter entertainment.This year I planted a Red Lion bulb, it was so big I weighed it (1# 11.4 oz.)The first bud had 4 flowers (three bloomed at the same time, the flower head was 12" across, is spent & gone. The second bud is now open. That first flower out was 9"across & is spent. The second, third & fourth flowers are fully open & are gorgeous & the fifth flower is colored & poised ready to open. The third bud has started to open with at least 4 flowers, that I can see. So it will have at least 13 flowers. Right now I have 8 bulbs at home & 4 more at the hotel (I work at). This year I planted 2 Rilona bulbs, they are also Amaryllis but are supposed to be Peach. I have never seen any bulbs that are SOOO SLOOOW to open. I planted a white one & peach for the hotel, the same day in the middle of October. The white one had two buds, it has flowered & gone, but the peach one has finally got on with it, with two buds. It has yet to open. The peach one I got the same day, for my home, as the other one has not even started tried at all. The leaves have not even started to grow. I can tell you one thing, if it were my first try at growing Amaryllis I would not bother again. I have had such huge success with them over the years, that this is a very new thing for me. For the year 2000 I grew 12 bulbs on my kitchen table for decorations for our towns centennial ball. I wish I lived somewhere that I could just plant them outside, but I don't, so the bulbs are not available to me until the middle of October (unless I order them on line). Rock rose they are so much fun to watch & they can grow 2-3 inches over night, do try at least once, to plant one & then you will also be hooked. Mine only get filtered light from a south window & seem quite happy with that.


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